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میکروفن بی سیم هدست مدل WS 1000 G2 BPHH2

شرکت بازرگانی و خدماتی گلشین میکروفن بی سیم هدست مدل WS 1000 G2 BPHH2

میکروفن بی سیم هدست مدل WS 1000 G2 BPHH2

میکروفن بی سیم هدست رنگ پوست


Product Description

WS 1000 G2 BPHH2 میکروفن بی سیم هدست رنگ پوست مدل

The refined LD Systems WS 1000 G2 is a LICENSE-FREE* True Diversity wireless microphone system with 96 UHF channels. It offers a natural sound with a large dynamic range, a high signal-to-noise ratio, and low total harmonic distortion in the 823 – 832 and 863 – 865 MHz bands. The LD WS 1000 G2 permits simultaneous operation of up to 5 systems and different versions are available. Users can choose from variants with a dynamic microphone or condenser microphone or a belt-pack transmitter with their choice of a headset, a lavaliere microphone, a clamp-on microphone for brass instruments or a guitar adapter cable. The system guarantees reliable audio transmission with a frequency response of 60 Hz to 16 kHz. Both the handheld units and the belt-pack have a practical LC display for the channel, the group, and the battery status. The automatic channel scan function and the lighted multi-function display on the receiver ensure simple setup and operation. With high quality batteries (AA), it is possible to attain running times of up to 13 hours. Each WS 1000 G2 system comes with a rugged transport case made of ABS plastic.

Product number: LDWS1000G2BPHH2
Product type: Wireless Microphone Set, Double wireless receiver, Equipment Tray
Type: true diversity, true diversity
Transmission frequency range: 863.000 – 865.000MHz, 823.000 – 832.000MHz, 823.000MHz, 863.000MHz
Weight: 2.73kg, 2.24kg, 0.2kg
LDWS1000G2R2 – Dual Receiver
Modulation Type: FM
Channels: 2 x 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)
Antenna inputs: 2
Antenna connector: TNC
Frequency response: 60Hz
Noise reduction: squelch
Audio output, balanced: 2 x XLR – 12 dBV (600 ohms) / 6.3 mm TRS – 18 dBV (3 kohms)
Controls: set, Power On/Off, up, ASC, down
Indicators: 2 x 6-segment RF (A/B), 7-segment AF, LC display, antenna active (A/B)
Operating voltage: 12 – 18 V DC
Width: 483mm
Height: 44mm
Depth: 190mm
Accessories (included): batteries
LDWS100RK – 19″ Rack Kit
Material: steel
Colour: black
Surface: powder coated
LDWS100MH3 – Headset skin-coloured
Product type: Headset microphone
Type: Back electret condenser
Frequency response: 70Hz
Directivity: cardioid
Nominal impedance: 1400Ohm(s)
Max. SPL: 125dB
Phantom power requierements: 5V
Microphone input: mini-XLR (3-pin, female)
Accessories (included): Foam windscreen
Weight: 0.2kg
Features: skin-coloured
LDWS1000G2BP – Belt Pack Transmitter
Product type: Pocket transmitter
Transmission frequency range: 823.000MHz, 863.000MHz
Channels: 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)
Inputs: Mini-XLR (3-pin)
Frequency response: 60Hz
Rated HF output power: 10 mW
Controls: Power On/Off
Indicators: LC display
Operating voltage: 2 x 1.5 V AA
Operating time: up to 13 hrs., battery-dependent
Width: 65mm
Height: 90mm
Depth: 24mm
Weight: 0.09kg
Other features: incl. batteries


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