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Dynamic Headphones


Product Description

HP700Reviewed by مصطفی محمدی on Jul 22Rating:
LD Systems HP 700 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

The LD Systems HP 700 is a set of closed earphones with all of the features for professional use in the studio, in home recording, for DJs, and for “environmentally friendly” listening at home. The dynamic drivers offer accurate reproduction across the entire frequency range with precise spatial resolution and high sound pressure. The adjustable headband and cans that swivel by 25° are covered with Protein Leather®, a skin-friendly, leather-like material, ensuring a comfortable fit and a great wearing comfort. DJs appreciate that the cans can be swivelled by 180° for use as shoulder speakers. The HP 700 has an attractive UV finish.

Product number: LDHP700
Product type: headphones
Type: Closed
Frequency response: 10 – 25000Hz
Impedance: 32Ohm(s)
Connection type: 3.5 mm TRS, 6.3 mm TRS
Cable length: 2m
Weight: 0.26kg
Other features: detachable cable, foldable design


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