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هدفون مدل LDHP500

هدفون مدل LDHP500

Dynamic Stereo Headphones


Product Description

LD Sytems HP 500 – comfortable closed headphones

The LDPH500 are lightweight but sturdy stereo headphones featuring very good sound characteristics and an excellent price/performance ratio. Thanks to its 30 mm driver, its 32 ohms impedance and its closed design it can reach high volume and can also be used in a home studio. The adjustable headband and the soft ear pads guarantee a good wearing comfort over a long time period.

Product number: LDHP500
Product type: headphones
Type: Closed
Frequency response: 20 – 20000Hz
Impedance: 32Ohm(s)
Connection type: 6.3 mm TRS, 3.5 mm TRS
Cable length: 2m
Weight: 0.16kg


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