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ساب ووفر سقفی توکار مدل CIW SUB 10

شرکت بازرگانی و خدماتی گلشین ساب ووفر سقفی توکار مدل CIW SUB 10

ساب ووفر سقفی توکار مدل CIW SUB 10


Product Description

CIW SUB 10 ساب ووفر سقفی توکار مدل

The CIW SUB 10 is used as a bass extension for main loudspeakers from the Contractor Series. It is designed for a safe and trouble-free installation in walls and has a power capacity of 150 watts of continuous power. Its frequency response extends to 40 Hz; the sound pressure level is 88 dB at 1 W /1 m. A crossover is required for system integration.

Product number: LDCIWSUB10
Product type: Installation Monitor
Type: In-wall speaker, in-wall installation subwoofer
Speaker type: Subwoofer
Colour: white
Woofer dimensions: 10″
Low/mid driver dimensions (mm): 254mm
Opening size: 271 x 271mm
Mounting depth: 90mm
Min. Material Thickness: 9mm
Max. Material Thickness: 37mm
Impedance (low-impedance): 8Ohm(s)
Frequency response: 40Hz – 250 (x-over required)Hz
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m): 88dB
Low-impedance rated load (RMS): 150W
Width: 303mm
Height: 303mm
Depth: 102mm
Weight: 2.77kg


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