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بلندگو دکوراتیو (دیواری ) مدل AUDEO108

شرکت بازرگانی و خدماتی گلشین بلندگو دکوراتیو (دیواری ) مدل AUDEO108

بلندگو دکوراتیو (دیواری ) مدل AUDEO108


Product Description

Surface Mount Loudspeaker

ECLER AUDEO108 is a 2-way, 100 WRMS loudspeaker cabinet. It features a 8” woofer and 1″ tweeter.
AUDEO series has a balanced, innovative design, resulting from the collaboration between ECLER and the prestigious group Giugiaro Design. It satisfies today’s demands with respect to aesthetics, design and integration into all types of architectural environments which, together with its excellent sound quality, make this series the ideal solution for use in numerous sound projects.
Key Features
• Full range, 2-way loudspeaker, 100 WRMS
• 8″ woofer / 1″ tweeter
• Made of reinforced ABS
• Available in black or white
• 8 Ω and 70/100 V line operating switch
• Accessories for wall-mounting included
• IP54 class outdoor rating
• Protective front grill with anti-rust treatment
• EASE Win file available

• Corporate and residential buildings
• Commercial premises
• Leisure centres
• Sound reinforcement in clubs, bars, etc.
• Health and sports centres
• Meeting and conference rooms
• Auditoriums, museums

Frequency response (-10dB) 65Hz – 22kHz
Nominal high impedance 100V Line
Nominal low impedance
Power selector @ 100V 7.5, 15, 30, 60W
RMS power 100 W
Sensitivity (dB@1m 1W) 94.5 dB
Dimensions (without accessories) 300 x 310 x 223 mm
Weight 3.75 kg


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